Google Glass is still very much in its infancy, though it's in the hands of enough developers that real use case scenarios are popping up more and more. Until it's fashionable – perhaps through a deal with Warby Parker – however, it's probably not of real interest to most general consumers just yet. Samsung may try to change that with its own offering allegedly called the Samsung Gear Glass.

Before we dig too far, we need to remember that the firm's Galaxy Gear smartwatch has largely been dubbed a flop by pundits, so if Samsung is only trying to enter the market in an effort to be the "first" with a consumer product, it could ultimately be a rushed device that offers no real benefit – kind of the way the Galaxy Gear launched.

The "Gear Glass" news is courtesy of industry insider Eldar Murtazin, who recently took to Twitter to reveal that the product may launch – or at least become a public project – sometime in April or May of next year. We don't know how much it will cost or what it will look like, but it's probably safe to assume it will work with Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and Android, similar to how the Galaxy Gear functions.

We imagine there's going to be some sort of suit from Google if Samsung really uses "Glass" in the product's name, there's no doubt that could create some confusion among consumers, but Samsung doesn't seem very afraid of lawsuits with major competitors. We'll see in the coming months.