Everyone has been talking about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab, but what's it going to look like in person? How does it feel in the hand? Luckily our own Jon Rettinger got his hands on one today, and it just so happened he had a video camera handy to film it all for you.

While there has been debate over if the $499 price, and the fact that it is running a version of Android that Google itself says isn't the right one for a tablet device, there is no denying that it is a decent looking device, and one many people will be drooling over for the next few months.

In this video, our own Jon Rettinger will be taking a look and giving you a full review of the device.

Do you think the device is worth it?  Leave a comment below!

Galaxy Tab Unboxing: http://cuthut.com/gmB
Galaxy Tab Software Tour: http://cuthut.com/9Vf
Galaxy Tab Vs. iPad: http://cuthut.com/LHZ

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