Samsung's at it again, but this time it's not only trashing Apple but Microsoft and Amazon, too. The company recently published its latest advertisements for its new Galaxy Tab Pro tablets on YouTube, and it manages to take stabs at the Microsoft Surface, Apple's iPad and even the Amazon Kindle. As usual, Samsung touts the multitasking experience of the Galaxy Tab products and the ability to run two apps side-by-side, but it also adds a few more punches.

It starts out with a quick shot at Apple – a user on his iPad isn't able to send a file to who we assume to be his boss during a video call. "Mine can't do two things at once," the iPad user says. In an attack against Microsoft, one Galaxy Tab user asks a Surface owner to "move [his] laptop." It's a clear shot at the Surface's ability to add a keyboard and mouse, but to be fair those are far from requirements.

A group of women, presumably a book club, are then pictured discussing a new book. One woman opens up a second window to access YouTube on her Galaxy Tab, while another one says that her "Kindle can't do that." The Samsung owner then asks, "well, what can it do?" "Books," the Kindle owner responds. The commercial ends with one last poke at Apple's Retina display.

The ad is slightly funny, but it mostly considers scenarios that owners of all of the other tablets probably don't find themselves in all that often. A standard Kindle owner, for example, knows it's only for eReading. A Kindle Fire owner (and the commercial doesn't distinguish the difference) would certainly be able to open up a YouTube video. As we said earlier, too, a Surface owner can opt to add a keyboard and mouse, but that's certainly not its only use case.

Samsung's known to attack its competitors and it does a good job trying to tell the story, though its points aren't always entirely accurate.