Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Still waiting for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 to launch in Australia? It could be a while yet, I’m afraid. The Korean company has just announced that the device will be delayed (again!) until late September while it awaits a court verdict on claims that it has copied the design and packaging of Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Apple is currently claiming that Samsung infringes 10 of its patents with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, as well as imitating the ‘look and feel’ of its iPad. Until a court decision has been made on Apple’s complaint, Samsung has agreed not to sell the Android tablet down under.

However, Samsung has a complaint to make of its own — with plans to lodge a cross claim through the Australian court imminently:

“Today, Samsung informed the Federal Court of Australia it intends to file a cross claim against Apple Australia and Apple Inc regarding the invalidity of the patents previously asserted by Apple and also a cross claim against Apple regarding violation of patents held by Samsung by selling its iPhones and iPads.”

If Samsung is successful with its claim, not only will its Galaxy Tab 10.1 finally launch in Australia, but Apple will also have to hand out some of its cash. The Cupertino company has agreed to pay Samsung for damages resulting from loss of sales should Samsung win its case.

This is the second time the Australian launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been delayed, with its initial release date scheduled for August 11. Although Samsung remains hopeful that the device will eventually launch in Australia, this court decision could prove to be a massive blow for the company.

Are you still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, or have you already opted to purchase another tablet?

[via The Next Web]