Samsung devices already feature very little bezel, and a new report suggests next year’s Galaxy S8 will take things even further.

According to a Samsung Display researcher, speaking to The Investor, the Korean company is preparing to release a device that features a display ratio of 90-percent. If true, Samsung’s next flagship could have a screen that’s virtually bezel-less.

If that sounds good to you, Samsung may improve that 90-percent figure even more in the future. According to the same researcher, Samsung wants to elevate that figure to 99 percent in the coming years, making devices all screen with no dead space.

Nowadays, bezels are necessary to house sensors and cameras. However, advancements in engineering will results in these features being embedded below the screen, allowing manufacturers to release devices with larger display areas.

We’ve heard both Samsung and Apple are working on designing devices with limited bezels, and this latest report adds fuel to the fire. To see what a phone looks like with virtually no bezel, check out the Xiaomi Mi MIX, which was recently announced.

Samsung needs to make an impression

Considering what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung needs to make an impression with its next flagship. Introducing a device with a larger screen to bezel ratio is the surest way to impress consumers, so it’s no surprise to hear that could happen with the Galaxy S8.

Additionally, the S8 may also feature a new camera and enhanced AI, along with an optical fingerprint scanner that sits beneath the display.

These are all just rumors for now, but the S8 already sounds like it’s going to be the most advanced smartphone we’ve ever seen.

If Samsung introduces a device with the improvements listed above, along with a beautiful design and features such as wireless charging, water resistance, and expandable storage, the Galaxy S8 will be tough for the competition to beat.