Samsung Galaxy S5 Review 18

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 won’t just feature mind-bending specs and new build materials; a new report claims it’ll also feature a secret weapon that will give it extra superpowers.

According to Polish blog, the S6 will feature a proprietary connector on the back of the device meant for optional back covers. But these won’t be your average “quick circle” covers; they’ll apparently give Samsung’s phone more advanced capabilities. There will allegedly be one built specifically for the S-Health app that can measure your blood sugar level. That’s handy for diabetics, and that’s just the start.

Another possibility includes a cover that includes an embedded monochrome e-ink display for reading books and other content without wasting your phone’s battery. A third S6 cover will be designed to connect to different fitness machines (treadmills, bikes, etc.) and sync that data to S-Health (or another app of your choice).

But it’s this last cover that’s really piqued our interest. Samsung will reportedly offer an option to connect additional lenses to the G6’s camera, creating a much more powerful camera experience. And all of this will apparently be open to third-party developers, which means the possibilities are nearly endless. These are just a few examples, too, so more ideas could be on the way.

We’ve heard a lot—A LOT—of rumors about Samsung’s S6, including the addition of a second model with two edge displays. In Samsung’s world, anything is possible, and the addition of these more powerful back covers would certainly allow the company’s new flagship to stand out.

We’re expecting the S6 to be announced at Mobile World Congress in early March, but I guarantee we’ll hear much more about the device before then.