Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is considerably more difficult to manufacture than the Galaxy S6, largely because the process required to curve the edges of the display takes more time than the flat screen used on the standard device. The process has led to Samsung warning that it might not have enough units to go around at first, and now it’s addressing that issue.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung now has a third production line, dubbed “A3,” building Galaxy S6 Edge units in an effort to boost production to deliver as many units to customers as possible. The new production line should “more than double monthly output to 5 million screens from about 2 million currently,” Bloomberg explained.

Samsung has to heat the glass of the displays on the Galaxy S6 Edge, using a process called “thermal forming,” in order to bend them to the shape that’s used on the smartphone. It then goes through a chemical strengthening process, Samsung explained in March.

We haven’t noticed any Galaxy S6 Edge shortages in the U.S., but perhaps Samsung is boosting production ahead of any possible missed sales due to lack of inventory.