Samsung - CES 2014 - Galaxy Press Logo - 003

Samsung's big Unpacked event is nearly upon us. And while we've already seen some solid announcements from the mobile competition, we know all you really only care about what Sammy has in store. We certainly can't wait. There have been plenty of rumors leading up to today's announcement, and we think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. But in case you missed out on our coverage over the past few months, you can get caught up with all the news right here.

There were actually some major leaks just before the Galaxy S4 came out last year, but Samsung has managed to keep this year's flagship under pretty tight wraps. That's good, and also kind of frustrating for those keeping such a tight watch on Samsung's affairs. But it means Samsung has the opportunity to truly surprise us. That's hard to do with the Internet at our disposal. We know it'll pack some big time specs—that's a given. But what of the design, and how will Samsung tweak the software?

Samsung typically puts function over fashion, but we've been hearing that could change with the Galaxy S5. Will it sport an aluminum unibody design? There's a chance. We know it'll include the kind of familiar features Samsung fans are used to. But will the company make a bold change and ditch the plastic materials? The design of the Galaxy S4 isn't as bad as people say it is. But when you have devices like the iPhone 5/5s, HTC One and even the Moto X around, there's no question there's room for improvement.

Probably the biggest addition to the Galaxy S5, rumors suggest, will be the fingerprint sensor. That kind of technology isn't necessarily new in the mobile world, but it'll certainly add another dimension to the Galaxy line. Big flagship devices demand the latest flagship features, but the addition of an alleged sensor will likely be a small part of Samsung's S5 plans. What else can we expect? Well, we'll find out in just a few hours. In the meantime, check out some of our previous coverage on Samsung's big new flagship.

We'll be on hand to check out the Galaxy S5 in person, so look out for that. Of course, we'll also be providing further in-depth coverage as Mobile World Congress goes on, so keep it locked here.