With the Galaxy S5 all but confirmed to be announced on Monday, rumors are popping up everywhere of what to expect. Some new cases have appeared on Amazon that may give us our first look at what to expect from the device physically.

Spigen lists seven new cases, but shows off only five of them in images, for the Galaxy S5. What is intriguing in these images is that three of them show a version of the phone without a physical home button while two of them do. There is every chance that these images are just mocked up by Spigen themselves and it simply forgot to add the home button on some of the images, or possibly Samsung will be releasing two versions of the phone. Add in the fact that one of the images of a black phone shows a white home button, and you definitely are left to suspect these are just indeed mocked up placeholders. To be honest, our guess is that the buttons were simply forgotten, but it is still worth noting the differences.

While we have some questions about the front of the phone that is shown in these images, the back may be a bit more set. Spigen’s cases feature a cut out under the camera lens for a dual LED flash. While case manufacturers have been known to work off of leaks to get them out as quickly as possible, this does line up with what we have been hearing for some time now.

All will be revealed on Monday at the Samsung Unpacked event in Spain, and TechnoBuffalo will be there to bring you all of the coverage.

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Update: Spigen has updated its images. Not only did it add a sixth one, but all of the missing home buttons have now been added as well.

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