Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One-In Hand 2

It's not uncommon for companies to release a device and immediately start work on a follow up. For Samsung, keeping the Galaxy S line alive is a no brainer, especially when it's easily the company's most popular device family—the S4 is already its best selling device. That's why a preliminary roadmap for the S5 is already being finalized, with specs, potential release and an all new design supposedly on the way.

According to sources speaking with, when the Galaxy S5 launches next year, it'll hit with a new "Design 3.0," which sources claim would introduce an aluminum build. While there's no questioning Samsung's worldwide Android success, many still question the company's plastic fanaticism, especially when competitors are manufacturing more premium feeling handsets.

However, the Design 3.0 approach may come with some notable sacrifices, including the inability to remove the battery—that's obviously a big advantage Samsung has over a device like the One. This early on, though, it's unclear how the more premium materials would be implemented into the design, and if Samsung would even ditch plastic at all. For that matter, how would that change the experience, and would Samsung's identity in the market be affected in any way?

The company made it clear earlier this year that plastic serves as a way to easily manufacture high volumes of devices, allowing it to release products all over the world simultaneously. If Samsung does move on to more premium materials, there is a possibility there could be supply issues once the S5 launches sometime next year. But seeing as we're so far from an S5 becoming a reality, it's difficult to say one way or the other.