Over the past few years, Samsung has rightfully earned the distinction as the top handset maker in the Android market. It's lineup is plentiful—extremely plentiful—giving users an abundance of choice, while its designs (so the company claims) make smartphone use a more intimate experience. But with the excellent HTC One in the neighborhood, not even Samsung's new Galaxy S4 is an automatic choice. So we're here to help you make a decision. If our reviews and camera comparisons weren't enough, we're here to bring you more.

Android users should be ecstatic right now. Two of the best devices we've ever seen in the Android space are out, and on almost every carrier you can think of. Both screens are gorgeous, they run Google's best version of Android out of the box, and they sport face-melting specs. Your pocket has never been so happy.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One Gallery

From a design standpoint, both phones stand out for different reasons; there are obvious distinctions users will like and dislike about each. One is entirely plastic, while the other is (almost) entirely metal. When it comes down to it, each has similar specs that run similar software, but the overall approach is much different. Where Samsung wants to up the megapixel count, HTC is going down. And so on.

Samsung introduced an enormous amount of features to the S4, while HTC focused on a few select additions (BoomSound, Zoe and BlinkFeed). Samsung is of the "more is better" method; HTC went with "less is more." You get the picture. How that translates to your own personal user experience is up to you. That really applies to this whole versus; you can't go wrong with either. Both are fast, slim and beautiful. You do get the sense, though, of slight deja vu when using the S4 if you've ever used the S III, whereas the HTC One doesn't feel like anything else out there.

With that said, we're inclined to the HTC One because of its superior design and better camera (though the S4's camera features were far better). Both devices are satisfyingly fast, the screens are wonderful and each build has their own advantages: the S4 has a removeable back while the One doesn't.

For a complete battle between these two devices, check out the video for a feature by feature breakdown. If you're an Android fan, you should be celebrating the arrival of these two devices, and how far the bar has been upped once again. So ask yourself: the Galaxy S4, or HTC One?