Samsung's recent Next Big Thing commercials have largely focused on clever jokes and subtle jabs against the competition, Apple in particular. They've done a lot to increase the company's mindshare, really boosting Samsung's presence in key markets. But the Korean company's latest ad takes a different approach, playing up the cutesy feelings while showing off the Galaxy S4's features. It's like every teeny bopper music video playing on MTV right now, but Samsung'd.

Titled Hi, Hey, Hello, the five minute ad shows a love-struck man in college singing about how he desperately wants to talk to a girl in his class. Designed, as Samsung puts it, to show off "love and technology that's relevant to today's youthful mobile culture," the man daydreams about his crush while using his phone to snap pictures, watch videos and Air View his way to her heart.

The ad, suffice to say, is charming, cheesy and has just the right amount of whimsy while managing to put the Galaxy S4's features—Dual Shot, Sound + Shot, Drama Shot, Group Play and Air View—in the spotlight. Does this best represent youth courtship? Samsung believes it does. The next time you see your crush, forget saying hi, hey or hello, just ask your friend to duck while you stealthily snap a picture.

Worth noting in the ad: a brown Galaxy S4 appears at the 1:07 mark, so take that as you will. We typically see more colors hit Samsung's biggest devices after the fact, and seeing as the brown one is out there somewhere, perhaps consumers will have a chance to pick one up soon.