The Galaxy S4 may be more than two years old now, but it’s still very much a part of Samsung’s Lollipop upgrade plans. The device has already received an Android 5.0 upgrade, and according to a new report, Google Play Edition variants will get Android 5.1, too.

Most GPE devices received Android 5.1, Google’s latest Lollipop firmware, earlier this month — but the Galaxy S4 was left out, leaving many to assume the device would remain on Android 5.0. But according to SamMobile, Android 5.1 is on its way.

“According to our sources, the Android 5.1 builds for the Galaxy S4 GPe are ready and could start rolling out at any time,” the report reads.

“We don’t have a concrete time frame, but we can confirm that Google and Samsung haven’t forgotten about the Galaxy S4 and will be bringing it up to the latest version of Android at some point.”

Some of the changes and improvements you can expect from Android 5.1 include an improved Quick Settings menu, the ability to change system volume while audio or video is playing, HD Voice for devices on T-Mobile and Verizon, and more.

Check out our video to see all that’s new in Android 5.1, and if you’re a Galaxy S4 GPE owner, be on the lookout for an update notification.