To complement last week's Grad Party commercial that highlighted some of the Galaxy S4's new features, the Korean company has released shorter, more focused ads aimed at capturing new converts. Surprisingly, there's no Apple jab to be found; instead, Samsung focuses solely on what makes the Galaxy S4 a "life companion:" an abundance of features.

The first commercial—Grad Photo—demonstrates the S4's ability to erase unwanted bodies from photos. In the commercial, a family is watching their son receive his diploma, only to see an over-exuberant fellow jump into a photo the mom was taking. "That little turd ruined the picture," the dad complains. The mom—calm, cool and collected—pops right into the S4's Erasure Mode, deleting the shirtless photobomber like it didn't even happen.

The second commercial highlights an "Easy Mode," which will no doubt interest old fogeys, in Samsung's opinion. Does that mean the company is admitting its devices are inherently complicated? "Oh, I like that," the man says after seeing Easy Mode, acting as though he's stumbled upon buried treasure.

All three ads—we're including last week's—seem more focused on the cool hip younger crowd and older, clueless parent dynamic. Kids are typically a measuring stick for what's "in," and Samsung's ads are saying that the S4 is most definitely in. The device is so in that even parents can use them.