International Samsung Galaxy S4-Lock Screen

We've already seen Samsung's new Galaxy S4 pass the knife, key and penny scratch tests, so it's not like the device is particularly delicate. But Samsung is still intent on introducing a more durable, ruggedized version this summer alongside a new 8-inch tablet.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is aiming for a July time frame to release the tougher Galaxy S4, known as the S4 Active. The device will allegedly look similar to how it does currently, but will be water and dust resistant. It's not anything we haven't seen before, but oftentimes more rugged smartphones are reserved for the mid- to lower-end crowd. The Active will be for those who want the latest in mobile technology, but more attuned to their extreme lifestyle.

It's unclear which markets the device will come to; The Wall Street Journal report merely said the device would be out in July. If we take into account the international S4, U.S.-bound S4, S4 mini and S4 Active, Samsung will have introduced four different iterations to the smartphone masses. You can never accuse the Korean company of not offering enough options, that's for sure.

No other information was shared on the 8-inch tablet, and how it'll differ from the company's recent Note 8.0. That device will supposedly hit sometime in June.