Update on 2/21: The Galaxy S10's Instagram Mode doesn't work quite as seamlessly as Samsung suggested. Rather than being built directly into the Galaxy S10 camera app, there are instead new share buttons that will allow users to post directly to their Instagram feed or story.

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Samsung's brand new Galaxy S10 will feature a pretty cool camera integration: Instagram Mode. The feature is built directly into the Galaxy S10's camera app, which means you can post Stories, images, and more without jumping into Instagram.

"We've worked together to rethink the experience of Instagram on the S10," said Adam Mosseri, Instagram's Head of Product.

Given the popularity of Instagram—not to mention Samsung phone—the partnership between the two companies could prove to be incredibly fruitful. By putting an Instagram Mode directly into the Galaxy S10's camera app, it'll encourage more engagement from users.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10 will be a major draw for diehard Instagram fans. At least until an Instagram Mode comes to other devices (if at all). But until that happens, it's a great idea from both sides and shows a user-first approach from Samsung.