About a month or so ago we covered a report that suggested the Galaxy S IV was called "Project J" inside Samsung's walls and that the device was code named Altius. SamMobile has now revised that original report to suggest that Project J doesn't include one device, but instead is a term Samsung uses to cover three in-development devices, including the Galaxy S IV.

So what are the other two? SamMobile said it also includes the Project J Mini, another phone that's code named Serrano that is presumably a "mini" version of the Galaxy S IV. It's unclear what the third device is, although SamMobile suggests that it's dubbed "Project J Active" and that it's a fitness-related gadget that's currently being dubbed "Fortius." It's clear the device is related to health and fitness because its accessories include an arm band, a bike mount and a pouch.

We're guessing we'll hear more from Samsung following Mobile World Congress, possibly on March 22, so stay tuned for more information.