What We're Expecting From the Samsung Galaxy S3

Yesterday I wrote a quick opinion piece on the top five features I want in the Galaxy S III. I'm a dreamer, though, and so several of those features may never make it to the phone when it launches. So, what kind of rumors have been leaked? Let's go over several of the most recent ones and discuss the possible features that may actually see the light of day. Then, in the comments below, let's hear your opinions on the rumors and what you'd like to see most. If the answers to my post yesterday are any hint, I'm guessing it's going to be longer battery life.

Without further ado, and in no specific order, here are the current rumors surrounding the Galaxy S III:

Ceramic body

Reports surfaced earlier this year that Samsung was planning to finally launch a device that wasn't just made of plastic, but of premium materials. Oddly, though, rumors have suggested that Samsung chose to build the device out of ceramic, something I've never seen on a smartphone before. I hope the material is strong enough to withstand light drops and doesn't require a ridiculous case just to made it through everyday life. Edit: Our readers have corrected me and have pointed out that ceramic, indeed, can be quite strong. In any case, if Samsung does indeed launch a phone that's made out of either aluminum, glass or yes, even ceramic, I'm glad it will have a flagship phone that finally has an industrial build that matches the sheer beauty of the company's Super AMOLED displays.

4.8-inch 1080p resolution Super AMOLED display

Speaking of displays, a report back in February suggested that Samsung is planning to equip the Samsung Galaxy S III with an insane 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with an incredible 1080p HD resolution. If true, that would make it one of the most high-end displays on the market and much sharper than the Galaxy Note's 1280 x 800-pixel resolution display. We're really crossing our fingers for this one, since we'd have the best of both worlds when it comes to amazing color and incredible sharpness.

4G LTE support

Verizon has already said that it's only going to launch 4G LTE devices for the rest of 2012 (and probably into 2013, too), so if it's planning to carry the Samsung Galaxy S III, it's probably going to be a 4G LTE device. That's not the only reason I think the Galaxy S III will launch with 4G LTE, though. (After all, Verizon passed up the Galaxy S II entirely). Samsung has developed its own quad-core Exynos processors that support 4G LTE networks, something that NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 chip doesn't currently support. Plus, a flagship phone on AT&T, Verizon or Samsung is going to have to support the faster data networks — there's simply no such thing as a 3G flagship phone anymore. 4.8-inch 1080p HD Display

Possible April launch

This rumor has bounced back and forth several times. First, a leak out of South Korea suggested that Samsung was preparing to launch the phone in April. Then, Samsung quickly quelled that rumor by going on the record stating that the phone certainly would not launch in April. "The successor to the GALAXY S II smartphone will be unveiled in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product," Samsung said in a statement in March. Then, yet again, a report surfaced on Wednesday stating that the Galaxy S III launch was bumped forward to April. The source? Samsung's president in China.

Wireless charging from up to 6.5 feet away

Fresh off of the presses, this rumor just surfaced yesterday. Reportedly, Samsung's Galaxy S III might feature a form of wireless technology that I've never seen used in a smartphone before. It might sound a bit ridiculous, but the report suggests owners of the Galaxy S III will be able to charge their phones from up to two meters (6.5 feet) away from the wireless charging station. That's similar to what a company called Fulton has demoed with its eCoupled technology, but I wasn't expecting this type of tech to land anytime soon. Most wireless chargers still require special battery covers or packs and a charging mat. This rumor still sounds a bit fishy to me.

Quad-core processor

Samsung's largely expected to power the Galaxy S III with its own quad-core Exynos processor, and we're not surprised. It's one of the few (only?) quad-core mobile processors on the market that supports 4G LTE networks. NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 chip, for example, offers four processing cores and 12 graphics processing cores, but doesn't currently support 4G LTE networks (although a solution is in the works). That means quad-core devices such as the HTC One X actually will land with dual-core processors in the United States as a trade-off for 4G LTE. Samsung could be the first on the market with a device that supports both technologies, and an executive recently confirmed with the Korea Times that it will indeed use the Exynos chip in the Galaxy S II's successor. "Samsung's single-chip solution is a combination of long-term evolution (LTE), telecommunications and W-CDMA functions," the unnamed executive said.

Greatest number of wireless and retail pre-orders for a Galaxy-branded device

Here's another iffy rumor. Apparently Samsung has already received a record number of pre-orders for the Galaxy S III from both wireless carriers and retail outlets. It sounds a bit fishy that these sort of figures would be discussed by anyone, but the source is a reliable industry insider named Eldar Murtazin. Samsung's Galaxy S II set sales records for the company, too, so we wouldn't be surprised for the successor to be another home run if it's equipped with all of the features each of the aforementioned rumors have suggested.


What do you think? Are these rumors a bit of a stretch? Some definitely were. What do you want to see most in the Galaxy S III? It seems that there's a new rumor every day and that typically means we're getting pretty close to a launch. I certainly can't wait.