samsung-galaxy-s-iii-summer-gadget-guideAndroid gets a bad rap. It's fragmented, yes, but that problem is steadily being rectified. That's great news, because when devices like Samsung's Galaxy S III arrive running what is essentially last year's OS — Ice Cream Sandwich — people start to question and wonder if the device they're getting now will still be good in the future.

But worry not, as the Galaxy S III, according to SamMobile, will remain relevant for months to come. Samsung allegedly has plans to roll out Jelly Bean as early as this quarter, with a possibility of the OS getting pushed back to Q4. Yes, that means you only have what, four months or less to get what is now Google's best version of its mobile OS? That's fantastic, and will make the fastest Android device you can buy even faster.

Apparently, testing is already underway, meaning the kinks are being worked out as we speak. You'd assume Samsung would want to get the update out as soon as possible, especially with the iPhone 5 around the corner, back to school sales, holiday specials, etc.

In addition, SamMobile claims the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and the unannounced Galaxy Note 2 will get Jelly Bean in Q4 as well. It sounds like Samsung is really on top of its game right now.

[via SamMobile]