Samsung Galaxy S III - Dark - Tilted

Hot off the heels of Samsung's Galaxy S III unveiling, The Verge has reported that Sprint is slated to bring Sammy's new wonder device to its network, possibly with LTE in tow. This isn't much of a shock, considering Sprint was the first U.S. carrier to offer last year's Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch) and played an important role in the stateside deployment of the original Galaxy S, better known as the Epic 4G. No official details on the Now Network's GSIII variant's specs, but hopefully Sprint customers won't have much of a wait on their hands. As for the remaining three major carriers, it's highly anticipated that each will receive its own version of the Galaxy S III, but it remains uncertain if one of the big four will get first dibs. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this, as more details about the GSIII's U.S. debut become available.

[via: The Verge]