When Samsung first introduced the Galaxy S III, the company said it was inspired by nature — its smooth curves, comforting (annoying) water droplet sounds and materials that reflect the look and feel of something organic are all parts of its Nature UX. The video above reveals just how seriously the company approached the S III's design.

"The main design concept was to reflect nature," said Jacob Lee, VP of mobile design. "We wanted a more emotional, and stronger connection with our customers."

The video is like one big mind numbing meditation, explaining some of the manufacturing processes involved, as well as where the company goes to find inspiration. It all seems a little too romantic for my taste —can man create nature? Can electronics mimic or replace the experience of physically interacting with water? It's interesting to get a behind the scenes nonetheless.

Aside from the Galaxy S III's wonderful implementation of hardware/software, many consumers have lauded its attractive design, and it just goes to show that all the man hours and passionate care that goes into the making of our electronics is appreciated a great deal by those who purchase Samsung's handsets. You definitely have to give the design team credit for the S III.

[via PocketNow]