Samsung Galaxy S III front 3

It’s been little over two weeks since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III in London, and little over one week since carriers in Europe began taking pre-orders. But the Korean company’s long-awaited flagship smartphone has already racked up over 9 million pre-orders with over 100 carriers worldwide.

That’s according to an unnamed Samsung executive who let the figures slip to a reporter from the Korea Economic Daily. To really appreciate how incredible 9 million pre-orders is, you have to take a look at the Galaxy S III’s predecessor, the Galaxy S II, which currently holds the record for Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone.

Back in February, around 12 months after its debut, the Galaxy S II hit the 20 million sales mark. In just over a week, the Galaxy S III is nearly halfway there. Isn’t that just extraordinary?

And of course, that’s 9 million pre-orders — not shipments — which is almost as good as actual sales figures. And what’s more, that’s before the handset has even become available to pre-order in the United States.

As you’d expect, Samsung is working hard to try to meet this impressive demand, with Reuters reporting that the company’s South Korean factory is running at full capacity, churning out 5 million handsets every month.

Looks like Samsung has a winner on its hands, just as TechnoBuffalo’s own Todd Haselton predicted back in April.

Have you pre-ordered yours yet?

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