One of the most successful phones in Samsung's Android arsenal, the Galaxy S III, is going to be just $50 on Dec. 16 through Best Buy. That's an enormous price drop — in most cases by $100.

A trusted TechnoBuffalo source said the deal is open to customers on all Big Four carriers with new two-year contract, meaning its fair game for millions of consumers hoping to get a new smartphone this holiday season. For fifty bucks, this is truly a big, big deal. Sure, the prospect of a Galaxy S IV is looming, but for now, right this minute, the S III is still a whopper, a titan in the smartphone war. If you want an Android phone, and don't mind Samsung's TouchWiz, the S III is an overwhelmingly great device.

Our source wasn't able to verify whether or not the handset will see an extended sale beyond Dec. 16, but if you're planning to get one, better keep your eye on your local Best Buy this Sunday.