Galaxy S III arrives early 1

While the Samsung Galaxy S III has been available to pre-order for a couple weeks now, it doesn’t actually make its official debut until the end of this month. However, it seems some retailers in some parts of the world don’t care for release dates, and they’re sending the long-awaited handset out early.

One user in Asia has today received not one but two Galaxy S III handsets after pre-ordering his devices earlier this month. He has snapped images of both as proof — using the handset’s own 8-megapixel camera — and passed on the photos to SlashGear.

The user has confirmed that during initial setup, all Galaxy S III users are given 50GB of Dropbox storage (2GB of which comes as standard, the other 48GB for purchasing the handset) so that they can keep their music, movies, photographs, and other data stored in the cloud.

With 9 million pre-orders in little over a week, we won’t be surprised to see many more handsets arriving well before their official release — especially if some retailers are taking little notice of Samsung’s instructions. The handset is scheduled to make its official debut on May 30, arriving first in Europe. It will then be given a dual-core Qualcomm processor and an LTE chip before making its way to the United States in mid-June.

If you get your handset early, be sure to let us know.

[via SlashGear]

Galaxy S III arrives early 2