Samsung Galaxy S II - WhiteIf you’ve purchased one of the five million Samsung Galaxy S IIs that have sold in the first 85 days of release, prepare to get jealous as it looks like a white version is coming.

U.K. retailer MobileFun posted the first known image of the white Samsung Galaxy S II.  According to the retailer, the device will launch on Aug. 15th in England, and it appears that it will also be releasing in other parts of Europe around the same time.  Right now it appears you can only pick it up at full retail price, and it is selling between £410 and £500 (approx. $669 to $800 USD) depending on where you go according to AndroidCentral.  It does appear that white is the only difference from the black version with no change to specs.

As we are still currently awaiting the release of the popular phone here in the United States, we’ve heard no word as of yet if we will be receiving both color variations.

What do you think?  Are you interested in a white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II?