Don't feel like you need to subject yourself to Samsung's insufferable Galaxy S 4 announcement. Instead, check out a succinct (just under four minutes and thirty seconds) video detailing the company's latest flagship device. It's a smartly crafted and informative product video that puts every design element and feature front and center without the annoyance of a broadway show.

The first minute focuses mainly around the device's design improvements over the Galaxy S III, while the rest of the video shows off the many features—Group Play, Air View, Smart Pause, etc.—Samsung demonstrated on stage this past Thursday. There's obviously a lot to like about Samsung's newest device, but will it be enough this time to thwart off the increasingly fierce competition?

The device isn't expected to hit until April, so we're still a month or so out from really seeing how it stacks up. We did get to play with it in person, but that never really gives us the same feeling than if we'd used one at home. For now, check out the above video to get a better understanding of Samsung's new device, and stay tuned for more S 4 coverage.