Samsung Galaxy Note - Berry Pink info

Just in case a 5.3-inch screen phone doesn’t garner you enough attention, why not get it in a shade of pink?

The folks over at GSMArena got a hold of an info sheet from Samsung that shows a third color option is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note phone-tablet hybrid: Berry Pink.  Samples of the third color choice are due to ship out in the eighth week of the year with retail availability coming in the ninth week. (Translation: In the next couple of weeks)

So far this third color has only been seen on the International version of the handset, but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually show up stateside.  The other burning questions is if its S-Pen will also be pink as the other two versions have matching accessories.  It would just be terribly gauche if it came in any other color.

Do you have any interest in a Berry Pink version of the Samsung Galaxy Note?

[via GSMArena]