Samsung Ukraine published a neat little list that will be of interest to a lot of folks, and it involves the arrival of Jelly Bean on some older handsets. Keep in mind that some of these dates are tentative, and might not represent when these devices will be updated across the globe (carrier approval and all that). That said, let's jump in, shall we?

The most notable name on the list is Samsung's original Galaxy Note, which is expected to receive Jelly Bean on Mar. 3—not all that far away. Worth noting is the fact that Jelly Bean is already available for the Galaxy S II in some places so, again, this list might not reflect all regions.

Other devices on the list include the Galaxy Ace 2 (Apr. 22) Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (Feb. 22) and the Galaxy S Advance (Feb. 18). That's it. Soak it in, celebrate, shout. Jelly Bean is coming to your device soon.