Samsung's Galaxy Note III will allegedly come with a 6.3-inch screen and the company's recently announced 8-core processor. Bigger and bigger and larger, everything go bigger. But that's what people want, so why not give it to them? Pants will soon need to be custom made to accommodate such big screens.

According to UnwiredView, when the device hits later this year, it will almost certainly come with the new Exynos 5 Octa. That actually is of no surprise, as the company will want to push its new processor into all the devices it can this year. Will it be present in the Galaxy S IV as well? Probably. It could show up elsewhere, too.

As Apple and Samsung look to part ways, the Korean company is looking to fill that void with other ventures. Samsung has allegedly already approached Huawei, maker of the massive Ascend Mate, to potentially start up a partnership for future handsets. While that won't immediately make up for the almost 80 percent of Samsung's logic chip revenue, the prevalence of more Chinese smartphone makers could lead to a tasty opportunity for Samsung. 

That is, if "favorable conditions" are at stake. ZTE might be another company for Samsung to explore, as the company apparently said it needs "better chips with better pricing." Samsung sure has a lot on its plate: big phones, crazy chips, and business opportunities aplenty.