Before Samsung unleashes double-duty octo-core specs in the Galaxy Note III, the company has to actually choose what the device will look/feel like. We previously heard the S4-maker wanted to change things up, step away from its plastic foundations, but that may not happen at all. Or it might. An insider told SamMobile they weren't sure because there are currently three different prototypes parading around Samsung labs: one like the Galaxy S4, one that's a "little different" and one with a flexible display.

From Samsung's perspective, the company will probably want to stick with its successful model of essentially blowing up whatever S device precedes the next Note. So an S4-like design would likely be much easier for the company to manufacture, and allow Samsung to produce the phablet in higher volumes. When you consider the fact that Samsung typically releases its biggest flagships on as many carriers around the world as possible, a safe plastic design seems like a sure bet.

However, the company is reportedly worried about its title of King Plastic, particularly while other manufacturers move toward other, more premium materials. Samsung is rumored to move away from its preferred design language, but how that would compromise flexibility—removable back in particular—remains to be seen. Perhaps the company will try and find a balance between the S4 and something like the HTC One. If it wants to continue to own the phablet market, next-gen specs might not be enough this year.

The last scenario mentioned by SamMobile is a possible flexible display, though that doesn't seem like a feasible strategy when we have yet to see the technology in the mobile market. And it would likely introduce plenty of manufacturing headaches, which Samsung can't afford with the potential of another iPhone coming out around the same time as the Note III.

The reports are unconfirmed, but we have heard Samsung was toying with the idea of a different design for its upcoming phablet. We're still hearing new reports about the handset seemingly everyday, so piecing together a tangible device is going to be difficult, especially so early before its alleged September announcement. But, you know, an octo-core chip with flexible 6-inch display? I'm sure many Android fans would be all over that.