Samsung Galaxy Note with Stylus

Samsung’s feature-packed smartphone-tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Note, has gone on sale in the U.K. today, but we’re guessing it’s not about to become the most popular device on the market. Sure, it has the features to be a big hit, but it also has a price tag that will make your wallet cry.

It’s currently only available from O2, as far as we can tell, and if you want to bag the device without paying a painful fee up-front, you’ll need to sign up to a two-year commitment at a whopping £63 (approx. $99.96) per month. Increase that to £68 (approx. $107.89) if you want to reduce the contract to just 18 months.

To get the device for £42 (approx. $66.64) per month, which is the price you’ll pay for a free Samsung Galaxy S II, you’ll need to pay £79.99 (approx. $126.92) up-front. Its cheapest tariff is just £16.50 (approx. $26.18), but you’ll need to pay £249.99 (approx. $396.64) up-front for that. All of these contracts include 500MB of data each month.

To sweeten the deal just a little bit, O2 is offering early adopters £100 (approx. $158.66) worth of movies and music for free from the Samsung Hub.

Do you think you’ll be splashing out on the Samsung Galaxy Note?

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