Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 7 has leaked out again ahead of its official unveiling, only this time it doesn't have a curved display. Instead, it features flat glass just like all of its predecessors, but will it be part of Samsung's lineup?

The handset pictured above doesn't carry the Samsung logo, but it looks identical to every other Galaxy Note 7 we've seen — only it's flat. It has the same home button with fingerprint scanner, its front-facing camera is in the same position, and it has the same iris scanner.

However, we're almost certain the Galaxy Note 7 we're going to see on August 2 will be curved, so it's not totally clear what this leak means. It could just be an early prototype Samsung has now scrapped after deciding on a curved display — that would explain the missing logo.

It could also be that Samsung is indeed working on a flat model that could come later for those who still see curved glass on a smartphone as little more than a gimmick. Fans still don't know whether that beloved S Pen stylus will be as good on a curved device.

We'll have to wait and see what Samsung's event brings on August 2, then. We won't be holding our breath for a flat model, but the South Korean company could well surprise us!