Samsung on Tuesday released its first Galaxy Note 3 ad to the public, which was actually shown off during the Korean company's unpacked event early last month. In it, a woman demonstrates  some of the phablet's new capabilities, such as My Magazine, and a few of the device's older features, including Air Command, Action Memo and other experiences built around the Note 3's S Pen.

The company's Galaxy Gear makes a very brief appearance toward the beginning, but otherwise the commercial is all about Samsung's next big phablet—and some very freaky marionettes. The Note 3 is designed to mimic the familiar experience of a notebook, and the ad very succinctly demonstrates why Samsung's leading phablet line is so popular in that respect. That and it has an incredible screen and hefty specs.

Both the Gear and Note 3 are set to launch in a matter of days; are you going to pick them up?