Throughout the year, we will get our fair share of Android handsets that at the time become the smartphone to buy. It's happening now and it won't stop through the end of the year.

One of the devices that is continually atop this list is the Samsung Galaxy Note. This smartphone line has always been the avenue through which Samsung shows off its latest and most impressive tech. We expect no different this year.

Knowing that, you'll want to keep up with all the latest news regarding it and you are in the right place for that. Here's all the latest news, rumors, specs, photos, and more you need to know about the Galaxy Note 10.

The latest Galaxy Note 10 news

April 8, 2019 - The Galaxy Note 10 may come in two different sizes

Samsung is of the mindset more is better, and that appears to be continuing with the Galaxy Note 10. Following the release of four Galaxy S10 models, the Note 10 is expected to come in four different variants according to ETNews.

Per the report, Samsung will release a standard LTE version and a 5G version, similar to the Galaxy S10 5G, each in two sizes. The smaller model will have a 6.28-inch display and bigger version will come with a 6.75-inch display, making it the biggest display ever put on a Note device to date.

There are two LTE models. 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch displays, respectively. Triple camera and quad camera will be applied to the rear. Here, a model supporting 5G communication is added. The specifications of the display and the rear camera are almost the same as those of the LTE model, and the communication is changed to 5G. According to the communication method, LTE 2 and 5G 2 are classified.

Regardless of what Samsung does, it seems likely that it'll at least release multiple versions of the Galaxy Note 10 come August.

March 28, 2019 - Galaxy Note 10 may not feature any physical buttons

We're still basking in the glory of the brand new Galaxy S10 line, but already the industry is setting its sights on what's to come. And what's to come could be very exciting, if this report from ETNews is to be believed.

According to industry sources, Samsung's Galaxy Note 10, which is still months away from release, will apparently be devoid of physical buttons. The "keyless" design is apparently Samsung's attempt at a more seamless design.

From ETNews (translated):

According to industry sources on April 25, Samsung Electronics will apply keyless technology to its next smartphone. It is important to remove the power and volume buttons on the side of the smartphone. Samsung has developed a technology that can turn on and off the power and increase or decreased the volume without touching the button.

Samsung will reportedly apply this keyless approach to upcoming mid- to low-end smartphones, too, including the Galaxy A series.

If the Galaxy Note 10 does arrive with no buttons, it won't be the first to adopt the design. Last year's HTC U12 ditched mechanical buttons for areas where you applied pressure, followed by haptic feedback.

As companies continue to eliminate display bezels, buttons are apparently the next thing to go, until the market implodes on itself and we have no smartphone at all.

All the big details

How many models are we expecting?

Samsung has set a precedent of releasing multiple versions of the its marquee flagship device in 2019 and that will likely continue with Galaxy Note 10.

According to a report from ETNews, Samsung is planning on releasing four different models of the Note 10. The devices would break down into two tiers, one with a 6.28-inch display and one with a 6.75-inch display, and each would be available in the LTE and 5G version.

That would seriously increase the number of Note devices it offers. Previously, it only offered one single variant of the device. Releasing a second 5G version makes sense as it is something it did with the Galaxy S10, but four models, that would be a first for the Note line.

What's it going to look like?

Expect the Galaxy Note 10 to look very familiar to what we've seen with the Galaxy S10. Samsung used to save the big hardware design updates to the Note line, but that has recently changed, debuting these updates with the Galaxy S line.

This year the Galaxy S10 got super minimized bezels with the cutout camera and ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. It makes sense for the Note 10 to adopt these features along with a few minor upgrades. That might come in the form of a four-camera system or possible battery upgrade, but nothing too flashy.

A report from March 28 did state that Samsung may omit physical buttons from the Galaxy Note 10, but even that seems more like a gimmick than something revolutionary.

What kind of specs will it have?

Samsung always outfits its premium handsets with the best of the best specs and that will continue with the Galaxy Note 10. What would that exactly entail?

For starters, the Snapdragon 855 processor, the latest and great chip from Qualcomm, will definitely be powering the device. When it comes to RAM, expect more. The Galaxy S10 comes with 8GB up to 12GB of RAM. The Note 10 will likely follow this same pattern, if not start off with 10GB of RAM for the base option. That'd be truly nuts.

As for other impressive hardware improvements, we wouldn't be surprised to see a four-camera system make its way into the phone and maybe an upgraded front-facing camera or battery.

How much will it cost?

This is where Samsung's more is better motto rears its ugly head, because the Note 10 is going to cost a lot more. Over the last few years, we've seen the price of the Note line skyrocket from $700 all the way up to $1,000 with the Note 9. It only makes sense for the Note 10 to push the price even higher.

We'd likely wager a starting price from $1,000 to $1,200 for the base option, with the fully loaded model with max storage likely surpassing the $1,500 price of the fully loaded Galaxy S10 Plus caps out at.

When can I buy it?

With the exception of the Galaxy Note 8, which debuted in September 2017, Samsung has set August as the debut month of the Galaxy Note line. The Galaxy Note 5 (August 21, 2015), Galaxy Note 7 (August 19, 2016) and Galaxy Note 9 (August 24, 2018) all were launched late in the month.

Unless Samsung has a massive change of heart, we see no reason not to expect the Galaxy Note 10 in late August.

What about the Galaxy Note 9?

With its successor right around the corner, it seems like a poignant time to ask the question: What's up with the Galaxy Note 9?

A lot, actually. Though over a half-a-year old, this device remains the best Samsung phone not from the Galaxy S10 line. And better yet, you can buy it right now at a sweet discount from its original price.

All you have to do is read out its spec list to be impressed. Amazing 6.4-inch AMOLED display, second-to-none hardware design and a market-leading camera that is one of the best on a mobile device. What more could you want?

Now is the perfect time to buy the Galaxy Note 9 for those thrifty buyers out there who don't want to spend over $1,000 on a phone.

Aged like fine wine

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The best phone of 2018 can be your at a big discount

Get the best Samsung has to offer in mobile smartphones without overspending on the best. The Galaxy Note 9 is a little older, yet it is still a fantastic device that will prove its merit. Display, camera, hardware, it delivers on all fronts and then some.

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