Samsung’s fixation with oversized devices seemingly has no end, and that’s no more apparent than with the company’s brand new Mega lineup. Big is no longer big enough; just when you think the Note II maxed out the phablet race, Samsung decides to once again up the ante.

When we joke that Samsung’s mobile devices essentially cover the entire size spectrum up to 10-inches, we’re actually not kidding. But that’s a big reason Samsung has been so successful: it offers consumers plenty of choice. Let’s face it: the smartphone market is overcrowded, and smaller tablets are getting more and more popular. Whoever thought up the bright idea to mash the two together in the Samsung ranks is probably sitting on a gold toilet by now. And whoever thought to take a phablet and make it even bigger is probably sitting on one made of diamonds.

I completely understand why phablets are so popular, and there’s no changing that. But I still stand by my assessment following the Note II’s announcement last year. Now that Samsung has exceeded 6-inches, what will be the compelling reason to pick up the Note III later this year? Maybe a metal design? That’ll be the day.