Samsung Galaxy S6 vs S5-10

The Galaxy Note 5 is very likely Samsung’s next big flagship, and we already have a few ideas for the upcoming phablet. But before then it looks like the company might unveil a totally new line of devices, with a fresh set of trademarks hinting at a possible Galaxy H naming scheme.

Published to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Samsung’s latest trademark applications reveal two new devices called the Galaxy H1 and Galaxy H7. There’s no other information on what kind of gadget we’re looking at here, though a new smartphone seems like the likeliest option. The company already offers its flagship Galaxy S lineup, along with more recent additions like the Galaxy A, Galaxy J and Galaxy E.

Samsung recently said it plans to focus on high-end design, so it’s possible the Galaxy H1 and H7 could be pretty flashy devices. Then again, the company is also competing on the other end of the market with Chinese upstarts like Xiaomi, so it’s just as likely the new Galaxy H lineup comes in at a pretty low price.

It’s also possible the Galaxy H will never see the light of day. Just because Samsung trademarks a name doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to become an official product, though we’ll definitely be on the lookout for any more info on these mysterious new devices.