Samsung’s next flagship launches in just a couple weeks, so the company decided to release a new advertisement in which it stresses how important the little details are. The ad features employees and robots working together in a manufacturing facility to maintain high quality for products.

We’re taken inside one of Samsung’s buildings that have a fleet of robots zooming around, caring for plants, observing workers’ interactions, and monitoring the development of mobile devices.

There’s one robot in particular that sees one Samsung employee reject a Galaxy Note 8 for not meeting standards. Hoping its own unit is better, the robot moves forward and presents a fresh Galaxy Note 8 for inspection. The employee checks it out, and the unit passes to send the robot into a happy state.

While the Galaxy S9 isn’t shown or teased in any capacity, we did get to see the Galaxy Note 8 make an appearance. The Galaxy S9 hasn’t been teased very much as of yet by the company despite many leaks revealing what to expect. So this ad is more about the work Samsung does in general rather than any specific product. In that way, it’s similar to the ads Samsung sent out last year following the Galaxy Note 7 scandal. Samsung wants to continue expressing its commitment to excellence.

With the 2018 flagship, Samsung could be launching a #DoWhatYouCant campaign. Another ad featuring the special slogan and hashtag was put on Samsung’s global YouTube channel this week, and it shows humans of all ages defying the odds and succeeding.

The Galaxy S9 will go official on February 25, and then we’ll know exactly how Samsung plans on promoting the high-end phone.