In addition to its new family of Galaxy S10 devices, Samsung on Wednesday introduced the Galaxy Buds. There's no way around it: these new earbuds are going after Apple's AirPods, and even feature similar pairing functionality.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Buds feature a supreme listening experience with sound tuned by AKG. There's also an enhanced ambient sound mode, so you can hear what's going on around you even while the earbuds are in. The Galaxy Buds also feature an adaptive dual microphone for crystal clear conversations.

But the feature Samsung is most proud of is how easy the earbuds pair with its newest Samsung devices. Just open the lid, press a button, and they'll pair up quickly and easily.

A nice touch added by Samsung is the ability to wirelessly charge the Galaxy Buds while they're in their case. Coincidentally, the Galaxy S10 is capable of wirelessly charging other devices, including Samsung's new earbuds, so there's a nice harmony going on.

Samsung claims the Galaxy Buds will get up to six hours of battery life through Bluetooth streaming, and the headphones will also support hands-free Bixby.

The Galaxy Buds will be available on March 8 for $129.