Next month, the Galaxy family appears set for a new addition. Samsung announced that, on October 11, it’ll introduce a new mobile device. While the South Korean company didn’t provide any additional details, the invitation to the launch event gives an idea of what to expect. Just don’t think it’ll be another flagship entering the market this fall.

The ‘A Galaxy Event’ moniker hints that Samsung will upgrade its mid-range line. In recent months, the Galaxy A series has seen some more interest for its blend of high-end features and a low price. When asked, one source told TechnoBuffalo a new Galaxy A device should go official.

Samsung also plans on making the announcement in an online-only format. If there was a flagship in the works, an in-person gathering would be scheduled.

Aside from that, we don’t know much else. But the invite also suggests there will be more than two cameras on this device. It says “Capture the fun” and “4x fun” along with a self-expression reference. With all that, it wouldn’t be surprising if this Galaxy A device had dual-camera setups on the front and back.

Whatever it is, it’ll be here soon. Samsung will make its full unveiling after Apple’s iPhone XS gets released and Google’s Pixel 3 showcase. So it’ll be a busy few weeks ahead.