Samsung’s been hard at work developing flexible AMOLED displays. We’ve already seen the technology used in the company’s Galaxy Round handset and the Gear Fit, but according to a new report the South Korean company could take a huge step forward next year with a folding tablet-smartphone hybrid.

This fresh rumor comes from Korean web portal Daum and an anonymous industry insider. Details surrounding Samsung’s revolutionary product are still scarce, though it sounds like the device will transform from an 8-inch or 9-inch tablet into a 4-inch or 5-inch smartphone by folding in on itself. Daum’s claims also line up with an earlier Samsung patent for a similar tri-fold device (pictured above).

The idea of combining the tablet and smartphone into one device isn’t particularly original—just look at ASUS and its line of PadFones—but if Samsung can pull this off it might be able take the market by storm. A lightweight tablet that seamlessly transforms into a smaller handset could be a huge hit, though Samsung will have to make sure the software transition is just as smooth. We’re also concerned the device could be pretty bulky in phone mode, since it will likely be at least twice as thick as the corresponding tablet mode.

Of course, these are just rumors, and we wouldn’t recommend getting too excited about Samsung’s alleged smartphone-tablet hybrid just yet. Then again, the company’s been working on flexible displays for a while now, even allegedly showing off the technology several times behind closed doors. It’s only a matter of time before we see a product along these lines hit the market, though whether it arrives as early as next year remains to be seen.