samsung bendable foldable display copy

Samsung has been working on foldable smartphones for a while, and one report even claimed the company’s first two “Project Valley” handsets could arrive next year. Unfortunately, that may not be the case according to a recent statement from Samsung mobile chief D.J. Koh.

Speaking to The Korea Times, Koh explained why Samsung isn’t rushing to release its first foldable smartphone. “We need more time to provide meaningful innovations and convenience considering the current status of technology,” he said. “We need serious changes in software and user experience to build foldable smartphones and this will certainly take time.”

He added that he expects the bendable devices to have a “great ripple effect in the industry,” promising that Samsung won’t be left sitting on the sidelines. But the company clearly isn’t ready to push out the technology until it develops the new software necessary to make it worthwhile.

Samsung isn’t the only company working on bendable smartphones. Lenovo recently showed off a pair of bendable gadgets and Oppo also has a foldable smartphone in the works. It’s possible we’ll still see the first products start to hit the market next year, even if Samsung isn’t the first to market.