As its foldable phone is expected to launch in early 2019, Samsung has started detailing the various technologies that it should include.

The South Korean company just announced that its ‘unbreakable’ OLED display was recently certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Based on the various tests done, Samsung’s technology withstood a 4-foot drop more than two dozen times in a row. It also passed temperature tests with no damage to the front, sides, or edges.

In case you were doubtful about UL’s background, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) uses it as an official tester.

Here’s how the technology is described:

“Samsung Display developed the flexible OLED panel with an unbreakable substrate and an overlay window securely adhered to it. Current-generation flexible display products attach a glass-covered window to their display that often breaks when severely impacted.”

Samsung even saw its heavy-duty panel survive of a 6-foot drop and didn’t crack or shatter. All of this can be possible because of the “fortified plastic window” used. It’s light but doesn’t skimp on hardness.

However, we have seen that this type of alternative to glass can be easily scratched.

There isn’t a timeframe for when it should be distributed around the world, but it feels like Samsung will use it first on the long-rumored foldable phone. But the company will also lend it to others for mobile devices, automobiles, portable video game consoles, and more. Samsung, as always, wants to boost its bottom line as a supplier as well.