Everyone knows Samsung's developing a foldable phone, but there's also a foldable tablet in the works. It turns out both are actually the same product, though. Samsung made the clarification this week during a global launch event for the Galaxy A9. The groundbreaking design should allow for some flexibility between form factors.

While there still aren't too many details out in the open, Samsung is starting to feel comfortable discussing the user experience. DJ Koh, who leads the mobile division, told CNET about a multitasking feature that enables tablet mode. By folding the screen, you'll again have a portable phone.

Here's what Koh said about the possibility of a foldable phone underwhelming us:

"When we deliver a foldabe phone, it has to be really meaningful to our customer. If the user experience is not up to my standard, I don't want to deliver those kind of products."

Samsung dabbled in adventurous ideas before, but often it's with limited distribution in select markets. The foldable phone, however, should be sold around the world. Koh confirmed the foldable phone is a global product that won't disappear after 6-9 months.

OLED panels that are flexible have been tested since 2013. Still, nothing has ever shipped on a legitimate, consumer-ready smartphone or tablet. Now it might not be far off for much longer.

The foldable phone, or foldable tablet depending who you look at it, could be unveiled next month. Samsung's hosting its Developer Conference from November 7-8. There's no doubt Bixby will get some attention, but Samsung could blow everyone away with a flexible OLED panel for this ambitious product.