Forget about calling Samsung’s foldable phone the Galaxy X anymore. The long-rumored name has been wrong this whole time, according to insider MMDDJ.

It may have been called the Galaxy X at one point, but now it seems Samsung will return to the drawing board if it ever left there. The product will still have Galaxy branding at the very least. Samsung would never deviate from its well-known brand.

As for the timing of its release, the foldable phone should arrive in 2019. There are conflicting reports about a specific month, though. Some believe it’ll debut at CES in January while others are confident Samsung will unveil the product during MWC a month later. Samsung often takes to trade shows and steals all the attention.

You also can’t rule out an arrival at a standalone event sometime in March. If the foldable phone is ambitious as we expect, Samsung might want to give it a much-hyped introduction. The Galaxy S10, meanwhile, could be released early on in 2019. See, there are many ways this can go.

The report also revealed Samsung might release a mobile device with a gaming focus. Nothing else was said, but we assume it’ll be capable of raising the clock speed for more graphic-intense titles.

Based on everything we’ve heard in recent months, it seems like the next year or so will be crazy-busy for Samsung. The South Korean juggernaut will release the Galaxy Note 9 as well as the Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Watch this summer.

In 2019, we’ll really see how Samsung plans on taking on Apple and other competitors. More companies in the mobile industry are investing in adventurous ideas. If the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X underwhelm, another company could step up and start chipping away at Samsung’s dominance.