Samsung has been struggling to convince customers to stay within its own ecosystem of devices, but the company may finally have a solution with Flow, a new service that promises to connect all of your Galaxy gadgets along with Samsung-branded TVs and computers.

Flow sounds a lot like Apple’s Hand-off, though there are a few differences between the two; Apple’s service promises to sync apps and documents seamlessly over iCloud, while Samsung puts the control in your hands. Flow is built into your device’s Share button, and selecting it will display a list of all your connected phones, tablets, smartwatches, computers and TVs. Pick one and the website, document, email or map you’re looking at will automatically appear on that second device. Flow also offers the option to snooze documents and files, so you can save something for later and know it will resurface on a specific device at a specific time. Samsung even included the option to take incoming calls on any connected device, which is a key feature of Apple’s Continuity as well.

Overall, Flow looks pretty sleek and we hope it works as well as it appears to. Samsung hasn’t said when the new service will actually be available, and we’re still not sure exactly which products it will support either. Hopefully we’ll have more info soon, though for now you can check out this short commercial below.