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Samsung on Wednesday filed a complaint against Swedish-based company Ericsson over a patent fee dispute, with an upshot to get the company's products banned in the U.S. As it turns out, Apple isn't the only company on Samsung's hit-list, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Samsung is actually hitting back at a suit Ericsson filed about a month back after the two companies failed to agree on a licensing extension.

Ericsson said last month that Samsung is seeking to reduce the fee it pays to license so-called standards-essential patents, which are for inventions incorporated into broader technologies widely used in an industry, WSJ said. That would give Samsung an unfair competitive advantage over rivals that have licensed Ericsson's patents, the Swedish company said. Samsung said Ericsson's fee is too high.

Right now, it's basically a he-said-she-said kind of dispute, with both companies claiming the other is in the wrong. Ericsson wants Samsung products banned in the U.S.; Samsung wants Ericsson products banned in the U.S. It's unclear what devices Samsung is yearning to ban, but we'd expect this to get cleared up long before this escalates to Apple vs. Samsung proportions.