It turns out 3D televisions really were a gimmick. Despite pushing 3D viewing for several years, many TV manufacturers are slowly but surely giving up on the technology. According to one report, Samsung won't launch any 3D sets this year whatsoever.

It was recently reported that Samsung and LG would scale back their 3D TV production this year. LG is expected to make just 20 percent of its sets 3D-capable in 2016 — down from 40 percent in 2015 — while a new report claims Samsung is ditching them altogether.

Dutch publication Home Cinema Magazine claims Samsung has confirmed this, and will instead focus its efforts on pushing Ultra HD and HDR technologies, which seem to be gleaning more interest that 3D ever did.

The South Korean company is also expected to introduce more "SUHD" sets with Quantum Dot Technology, which are brighter and more vivid that the average LED TV.

Personally, I was a fan of 3D TV, and my last two sets have been 3D-capable. Having said that, I don't watch 3D content anywhere near as much as I thought I would; using those fiddly glasses is just too cumbersome.

This is something you'll want to bear in mind if you have a large 3D Blu-ray collection, though. If you want to continue enjoying those films in the future, you'll probably need to avoid anything Samsung releases from now on.