GG2013 - Break - Galaxy Note 3

Samsung recently reported its second quarter 2014 earnings and, at least on the mobile front, they weren't great. The company's mobile profits are sinking, particularly with increased competition from low-cost players coming out of China, like Huawei, Lenovo and even Xiaomi. Now, perhaps in an effort to generate some fresh buzz around the brand, a Samsung executive has provided some hints toward what we can expect in the next six months.

Samsung mobile senior vice president Kim Hyun-Joon pointed to two new phones during the company's earnings call. One device will include "new materials," though Hyun-Joon didn't confirm exactly what that means. It's probably the Galaxy Alpha that we've heard so much about, and which will reportedly employ metal in its build. That device is expected to launch as early as next week.

Additionally, Kim Hyun-Joon said that Samsung will announce a new phone with a large screen. That's almost certainly the Galaxy Note 4 that we're expecting to see during the IFA trade show in Berlin this September. Some reports have suggested Samsung wants to rush the Galaxy Note 4 out as quickly as possible in order to offset lower-than expect sales of its Galaxy S5. Will it work? Only time will tell.