Come meet Galaxy S III

I’d have bet my house and children (okay, maybe not my children) on the Galaxy S II’s successor being named the “Galaxy S III,” but until now, Samsung has been referring to the handset only as the “next Galaxy.” In fact, the Korean company has been highly secretive over all aspects of its next flagship smartphone… but one executive accidentally slipped up.

During Samsung’s first-quarter 2012 earnings call this week, senior vice president Robert Yi inadvertently revealed the name of the handset we’ve all been dying to meet. And it’s exactly what we were all expecting:

“We are anticipating very strong demand of Galaxy S III.”

The upcoming handset was mentioned a number of times during the call, with one executive predicting it would become Samsung’s “most successful smartphone ever.” However, this was the only time the device was actually referred to as the “Galaxy S III.” Yi uttered the name when responding to a question about marketing plans for the device.

Of course, Yi’s comments only really confirm what we were all expecting anyway. But with Samsung maintaining such a tight grip on the juicy details, there was always a question over what the handset’s name would be.

At least this eases concerns that the device might actually be launched with the “next Galaxy” name.

[via The Verge]