In a new report from the Korea Times, Samsung's Jun Dong-soo, a senior executive, said Windows 8 is "no better" than Microsoft's Vista platform. Soo explained that Microsoft's latest OS has failed to boost PC demand and, indeed, he does not see the declining market rebounding anytime soon.

PCs today are largely living in a tablet world, with recent data from IDC showing only a projected growth of 1.3 percent through 2013. IDC says tablets are the main reason for the "underwhelming reception to Windows 8." About the only company who is content with Windows 8 shipments is Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, who called adoption "perfect."

As a result of falling PC interest, Samsung said it's cutting production of conventional memory chips, and instead gearing focus toward mobile production. It's still unclear just how many Windows 8 licenses have been sold and, similarly, how many Surface devices Microsoft has shipped. Soo said demand has been pretty lackluster thus far.

Soo attributes Microsoft's poor showing to "the less-competitive Windows platform."